Little did anyone expect that when James Moroney sold his first bottle of spirits in June of 1845 that 170 years later his business would still be flourishing.  Today, James Moroney, Inc. is under the leadership of his great-granddaughter, Margaret Moroney McCarty.

James Moroney, Inc. started as a wine and spirit distributor catering to the Philadelphia carriage trade.  In the early 1900’s he started bottling his own line of spirits.  The most popular label throughout World War I and II was the Moroney Army-Navy whiskey and rum.  The Black Label Moroney Whiskey is still listed in he state stores today.

During the same period, the company successfully ventured into the field of bottling and selling altar and sacramental wines.  Today, they can boast of selling products in fourteen states and two foreign countries.  This area of the business continues to grow and flourish under the Moroney-California labels.  In addition, James Moroney, Inc. continues to be the exclusive distributor for New York sacramental wine producers, Gold Seal and Guasti.  Also, the company presently distributes some of the finest imported and California wines and spirits being sold in the marketplace.

Today, 172 years young, James Moroney, Inc. maintains an excellent reputation throughout the wine and spirits industry.  The working relationships we have developed over the years with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and our suppliers make it difficult to thank all who have contributed to the longevity of James Moroney, Inc.  However, to all I say “Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to the day when someone can say welcome to the 200th anniversary of James Moroney, Inc.”

Ms. Margaret Moroney McCarty
James Moroney, Inc.